My most recent remedy from Fiona has been a game changer. I found within days my mood was greatly improved and I felt fully three dimensional which for me is rather a miracle. I’ve found I’m interested in what’s going on around me, am more motivated in improving my home rather than complaining about it and have found myself feeling gleeful for no real reason other than I am enjoying life. For me, homeopathy is subtle and very person centred and really helps. Fiona is a superb homeopath who does incredible work to get to the nub of the matter. I cannot thank you enough Fiona x Colette

Midlands UK

I would like to thank Fiona for her help in passing my driving test. As the day approached I knew I had the skills but my nerves could cause me to drive in a jerky or panicky way. With Fiona’s guidance, I did some EFT tapping on being a “cool, calm and collected driver” and took my homeopathic remedy for anxiety.
As a result I started the test with what I would consider the normal amount of nerves and was able to show what I was capable of. I was delighted at the end to learn that I had passed. After failing several times in the past due to overwhelming nervousness I am really grateful to Fiona for her help. Roxy Eastland

Salisbury, UK

Thank you for the awesome remedy. My short term memory is beginning to come back in fits and starts. YOU are awesome and a fantastic homeopath. I have found the ability to marshal my thoughts coherently and email my boss with a list of points for discussion at my 1 to 1 next week. I’ve remembered to order flash cards for an event I’m attending next week AND remembered to tell the organisers about my anxiety and need for sleep. Yay for homeopathy!!! Ms J F

Edinburgh, UK

I had reached a really bad place and I was persistently feeling down, my body was suffering from a horrible physical complaint – pinworm and threadworm parasites and I needed help, as life felt pointless. I had no idea how Fiona’s treatment would help me. What followed was more than I could have hoped for. My eyes were opened to self-care, and learning how to say NO was the key to my entire well being. I learnt how to pay attention to what I needed, and my confidence, self-awareness and physical health improved and continue to strengthen since my sessions with Fiona. The physical condition I had been suffering from has fully cleared and the persistent feelings of not being able to cope are no longer ruling my days and nights. Ms J S

Hampshire, UK

I was suffering from an auto-immune disease that suddenly flared up called urticarial vasculitis which was making my life miserable. The rash and the acute on chronic unwellness was driving me up the wall,. Conventional doctors were just telling me to increase my steroids, experiment with immuno-suppressants,  take sleeping tablets and other pills to counteract the side-effect of the steroids. I was hating every minute of what the steroids were doing to my body, yet terrified of how bad I would feel and how rashy I would be without them! I was feeling at my wits end and stuck in a cycle of symptom, tablet, side-effect and more tablets. This had been going on for 6 months and no end in sight and doctors were telling me to get used to it.

I had a quick ‘rescue’ consultation with Fiona, followed by a more in-depth consultation that really explored me – my health as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and how these things all impact on each other. Fiona’s approach is very no-nonsense, direct but from a place of compassion and respect. We really got down to the nitty-gritty and she prescribed me some remedies.

I don’t know what I expected from them, but I am flabbergasted at the results! Within a week my rash, which all other drugs over 6months hadn’t touched, had gone. I mean, completely gone from all over my body. Not even a pimple has returned! After all the drugs I have put into my system to repress my immune system I had actually given up on ever feeling normal again.. yet within a week of Fiona’s remedies I was rash-free AND feeling better! Since then I have been able to ween down all the nasty steroids, not needed to take sleeping tablets as I actually have a natural sleep pattern again, and in myself, I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been!

I work in healthcare, and I admit before this I was very skeptical about homeopathy – but when you are desperate you are ready to try anything to see if it will work. I love the idea of homeopathy and holistic therapies, but I wouldn’t say I ‘believed’ in homeopathy. Now I am walking, talking proof that they work and change lives.

I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend Fiona and her skills to anyone! I think she’s a little miracle worker. My beautiful skin and zest for life have returned and they are a testament to Fiona for her healing wisdom!

Oh and FYI I went to see my Dermatologist yesterday. He was amazed and how my body has recovered and he can’t understand why my skin has improved so much! My bloods are all normal and he says I can wean more from the steroids. He can’t understand it… but I CAN!! Mrs S K

Exeter, UK

Thank you Fiona for helping and supporting me these last couple of months. The advice and treatment plan you have given has helped me in so many ways, with my health, but also with my self-esteem and confidence. I’m now moving forwards in my life, feeling healthier and happier, and am excited for my future.  You have far exceeded my expectations, and I am so pleased to have found you! Thank you.. Josie

North Wales, UK