EFT and Homeopathy for Exam Stress OFFER




Are you scared?
afraid you are going to fail your exams?
that you will not do yourself justice after all the hard work that you have put in?
when it comes to sitting at that desk in that exam room?

I have over fifteen years of experience with getting people through tests and exams of all kinds and would love to help

please don’t hesitate to book yourself a free fifteen minutes with me

we can have a chat and work out the best solution to deal with that anxiety and provide you with tools to support yourself through this time

I have a special offer too until the 31st of May of just $105 or £65 for your first appointment so do book in and save yourself at least 50% pop me a note in the booking calendar  or email me and I will invoice you appropriately

You can check out a facebook live stream¬† video I’ve made here too to see how EFT is done,

EFT is an easy and effective technique which I have used for nearly twenty years. It is a great way to calm down and support the nervous system by tapping on points on the face and upper body with your fingertips.

It is something that you can do yourself and is easy and totally portable.
You can tap anywhere and anytime.
It works brilliantly with Homeopathic treatment and is amazing for helping people to get rid of limiting beliefs that hold them back