Jesse a woman in her mid-forties came to me wanting to discuss what she felt to be hormonal issues and depression but revealed as I did my top to toe of symptoms that she had pretty severe constipation which she had pretty much always had and would only go to the loo twice a week and even then it would take a while. When I asked about her water consumption she replied that it was minimal and that the stresses of working long hours frequently had her buying and eating oven ready meals in the evening and sandwiches for lunch. We discussed that this was indeed not helping the situation and she agreed to make some changes and to gradually increase her water intake aiming for two litres a day as well as having a salad instead of a sandwich at lunchtime and more vegetable dense options in the evening.

Returning to see me some three weeks later she told me that the remedy that I had prescribed had not really done anything much, she still was struggling and the constipation was not really much better. We continued to talk and Jesse began to look close to tears. “It’s the anniversary of her death” she told me “She died when we were eighteen, the winter before our A levels, my twin sister Ruth” She continued. “She was dead and I was alive, I had to push myself hard and succeed and do it for her as well as me” Jesse told me more about her non-identical twin, the motorbike crash and subsequent really hard times. Her grieving parents and grandparents and the kids in sixth form at school that she had no longer felt able to connect with.
Jesse had “buried her grief with her sister” and got on with it she told me. Her appointment time was drawing to a close so I sent her off with Natrum Muriaticum in a 1M and told her to get in touch with me and let me know how she was doing before her next appointment.

Jesse emailed me after ten days to tell me that she didn’t know what I had given her but it had helped immensely and whereas she would normally have felt low for weeks around her sister’s anniversary she was in a very different space and ok with it. “Oh, and by the way” I read “I’m going to the loo every morning before work now is that related?”  My response was that I was delighted and yes indeed her regular bowels were part and parcel of the releasing and moving on of a grief remedy

If this has touched you in any way please do make a free fifteen-minute appointment to see if working with me can help. My own mum died when I was sixteen and I have considerable experience of working with grief and well as related and seemingly unrelated complaints.