The day began with a call from a lady who’s working with me for her weight loss and her depression asking if I had a space today so we chatted briefly as I boiled the kettle for my shhhh second coffee and took my vitamins. I agreed to book her in for 3pm. 

9.30am and my first patient proper of the day a small boy with health issues and a very defiant nature. I had prescribed Tuberculinum 1M for him last month. His mum was delighted to tell me that the epic meltdowns which had been almost every other day were down to once weekly now and altogether more manageable. He was still “pushing his luck” but nowhere near to the extent that he had been. He’s changing schools soon so I gave Calc Carb 1M to take next as I like to use it as a consolidating and moving forward remedy. I look forward to hearing how he goes on with these changes coupled with a move into a room of his own in the new house. We went over time as mum needed a few minutes and I ended up giving her some Sepia to deal with her low-level depression and overwhelm from being on her own with two small boys.

Swift bottle of water as I am doing the two litres or 70 US ounces of water challenge a day in my Homeopathy for Weight Loss and Emotional Eating group 

11 am and one of my lovely weight loss study ladies who’s over sixty. She had had Ignatia 1M as we had tracked her eating getting out of hand to the estrangement between her and her daughter. She told me she felt that lots of things were changing and that she was feeling concerned about not seeing the clients she had done previously. I explained to her that this was part of the Ignatia picture of letting go the old and she decided that she needed to revamp and upgrade her website and be aware that changes happening in her might just mean drawing in a different clientele. She continued to tell me that she had been dreaming a lot. She did not know the content of her dreams in detail but knew that the dreams were associated with her past and some past difficult times. She had even dreamt that morning, so I felt that the Ignatia was still working well but wanted her to have something to help her align with the new work upgrades she is doing. I prescribed Findhorn Flower Essences “Harebell” for her to add to her water.

Check the contents of the parcel from Cytoplan of supplements as it arrived in a “package came open bag” from the Post Office and thankfully all good.

12.30 ooops a no show which I know is not intentional so email her with bank details for her appointment and ask my 3pm lady if she wants to move forward which she does. Quick lunch of chicken and veg and more water then….

1.30 my 3pm lady who has done amazingly well and lost lots of weight but is feeling sad and out of sorts and unused to her new shape. As well as struggling with what to eat as she has an assortment of dietary and sensory problems. She’s been having a very limited diet which has not helped her mood or ability to stay away from the gluten-free goodies which make her feel less than great afterwards.
So, we discussed packed lunch possibilities and she has embraced the avocado along with beetroot, boiled new potatoes, smoked salmon slices, spinach, and radishes. I suggested to her that aiming for five different vegetables in her lunchtime salad was a good plan. I had her continue with the Sepia 6c daily with regards her tiredness and low-level depression and added in Findhorn Flower Essences Balsam to help with the transitioning body shape and size. She really has done and continues to do brilliantly. 

3pm and my 12.30pm mum who needed an appointment for her daughter who’s had shingles. The shingles went back to early February and it has only been in the last couple of weeks that this normally full on, artistic and sensitive but bouncy girl has been able to go outdoors and play with the family dog. After big chats with mum and getting a handle on the history of the shingles I went with a split dose of Varicella the Chicken Pox nosode in a 30c morning and night to be followed with Phosphorus 1M as totality remedy to restore her oomph somewhat. I reminded mum to check in with me in a few days and email with any queries.

Rapid organising and putting together my things to post, cheery chat with my lady in the Post Office and back home. Dinner of turkey mince chili with kale and lots of vegetables.

8pm catch up with the lady who’s doing a one to one diet plan with me taking a totality remedy as support and a re-setting remedy. She’s doing great and has been excitedly texting me updates and NOW her husband who was questioning of it all and wanting to do the 5:2 diet has decided to join her so a rapid consult and him digging out the Calc Carb he’d had previously to use as support and off he goes too, good job he’s been a patient before and I have his notes to hand. I am really looking forward to seeing how he does as he has about 70lbs to lose AND he will be my first male weight loss patient.

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