I’m working with a retired lady who’s keen to lose some weight. In her first consultation I explained that I would be treating the whole of her and all of her symptoms not just looking at a solution for shifting the excess pounds. So, I duly took an in-depth case take in her first eighty-minute session feeling that we had covered everything. She was keen to learn and told me about other remedies she had taken to help what I understood to be a temporary ear complaint which she had acquired since a recent flight. I said that she should stop the remedies she had been taking now especially as she had not felt an improvement with them and go with the Calc Carb 1m which came up as her totality remedy covering many of her mental and emotional concerns including the need to really listen to her own needs and not always be putting her family first.
She came back to me two days later and explained that the problem with her ear was, in fact, longstanding hearing loss and not just since the flight and that she wanted to discuss it more with me. BUT ….by the time she had got round to booking in with me a week later her hearing was hugely improved.
So, cutting a long story short, yes she’s more in control of her eating AND her hearing is 90% improved.

If you want to weight loss issues in a safe and private space I have a facebook group that you can come and join. Share support, ideas and a Homeopathic approach to ailments which can help your weight loss too.
A Homeopathic approach involves treating the whole of you not just shifting the lbs or kilos.
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