I was pleased to have the postman arrive here in Edinburgh this Good Friday morning with goodies for me I felt a touch of solidarity with him.

So, hot cross buns consumed and the first patients of the day…

Return appointment for Eileen and daughter Fay who are detoxing steroids together. Eileen had had a lot of steroids both inhaled and oral in her pregnancy with Fay. Both of them doing a lot better Eileen’s digestion and sleep greatly improved with Proteus LM1 and Arsenicum 30c alongside her detox as support and Fay’s anxiety meltdowns and moods altogether better on her Medhorrinum LM1 and Melatonin 30c. Fay’s sleep had not been brilliant over the last few days but both Eileen and I wondered if it was full moon not helping and the plan is to just monitor that one and discuss at the follow-up appointment in three weeks time when the detox has ended. Prescription to continue with the remedies and get in touch if this last stage of the detox brings up any issues

Facebook message from a lady I’ve known online for about fifteen years asking if I had a space for an emergency appointment so I directed her towards the booking calendar and told her 4pm

After lunch a new intake of a lady for weight loss work who had literally booked into my calendar the day before without even a fifteen-minute chat first!  As is always the case there is more to it, and a whole raft of issues more than wanting to lose the excess three and a half stone that she is carrying came into play. A touch of pending empty nest syndrome coupled with the loss of her dad earlier in the year had me looking at Ignatia, then I added in the late night eating when she was lonely and left-sided joint issues clinched it for me. I suggested some dietary tweaks to include my ten vegetables a day regime and the ditching of much of her carbohydrate intake but at the same time encouraged her to make slow and sustainable changes. Prescription of Ignatia 1m (just one dose) and a follow up booked for three weeks time.

My 4pm lady presented with a cold that she had had for weeks and now a fever and a bunged up left ear. She’s the granddaughter of a Homeopath so knows the score that it’s never just what it seems with physical symptoms. I thumbed through Rahmathullah’s therapeutics book as I listened to her and she continued to tell me the story of handing in her notice at her current job and that her new job would mean that she would have to give up her voluntary work and most importantly that all of her symptoms had begun with this initiating change. She is heading towards work that she knows she can excel in but her gentle and caring nature made her feel that she was letting people down by making changes. I decided upon Carcinosin as being a good totality remedy but we were up against it with the Bank Holiday so she asked me if there was anything she was more likely to have that would help, Calc Carb covered the physicals quite neatly especially the blocked up ear which was the most annoying so …Prescription of Calc Carb 30c take one and repeat if needed with Carcinosin in a 1m to follow once everywhere is open again.

if you want to book in and work with me or to have an initial fifteen-minute free chat please do just click through to my calendar

oh, and Happy Easter <3