Can you explain a little bit about what EFT is?

EFT or emotional freedom techniques is a method of de-stressing and empowering the individual and it’s been around in various formats for about twenty years or so. Points on the face, hand and upper body are gently tapped on and this helps the individual to deal with an issue by slowing down and focussing on the matter in hand. Anxiety can be greatly reduced when one sits down and “taps it out” aka releases the stress whilst breathing out on each point too.

Can you explain how it might help someone using homeopathy?

Someone using Homeopathy in an acute state may be panicky and afraid. In this situation it could be really helpful to just slowly tap around the points and let them repeat a word like “Calm” or the phrase “Release, Relax, Let Go” can be a good one. You can tap on someone too with their permission.
If a patient is having treatment with a practitioner for deeper issues where emotions are surfacing tapping can help them to ride through the ups and downs of issues as in return of old symptoms where literally what they had before comes back. Tapping can be done on phrases like “this is just old stuff,
I can let it go,
I don’t need/want/have to feel like this ”

Can you tell me a few examples of how you have found it useful with your clients?

I have a client who has been in some very stressful working environments where colleagues have been less than competent and this was a theme in her sessions. She reached a point where she was very angry and questioning leaving the work she loves but a daily practice of EFT has meant that she now feels a lot more resilient and she knows when she needs to pop off and lock herself in the bathroom to do a “top up tapping session”

Another case was that of an anxious mum who would struggle to get off to sleep and was bed-sharing with two babies. Rather than have the movement and potential disturbance of tapping in bed she visualised around the points and was saying “Good night’s sleep” on each point. They all slept well as a result.

I have found it incredibly helpful in confidence issues with many tales, including my own, of tapping in the bathroom at the driving test centre. Tapping before interviews and important phone calls, A lovely lady I was treating for agoraphobia emailed to cancel after her second session saying that she was having to go and look after her daughter’s children in the next town in a very matter of fact manner.

Can anyone use it?
Indeed anyone can use EFT and by dint of it being a physical therapy not just a talking therapy it can cross barriers of language and be used with or indeed by children too young to speak as well as those without language and the elderly too.

Is it easy to learn and do?
EFT is truly easy to learn and do and you cannot get it wrong. If you forget a point it does not matter and there are no special words to learn. You use your own words and say it how you would on any other occasion. My first dealings with EFT in 2002 involved an email with a list of the points in which I promptly forgot to print off after ten minutes with the lady who was my Reiki teacher. I then used it in the driving test centre and passed my test first time. Thank goodness it is that simple and no special tools are needed because I would not have been using it or continued to do so.

Would it be good for those anxious mums?
EFT is fabulous for anyone with anxiety and especially those who are responsible for the care of others. It helps to alleviate the stress and distress which can exacerbate conditions and slow down healing. Tapping can literally remove that tight overcoat of anxiety and fear and get you in a space where it is possible to breathe sighs of relief and let go and have some fun. EFT helps you to get back into your centre and be more confident and less pulled about by circumstances

A bit about me and EFT
I am a Homeopathic practitioner based in Scotland and as I mentioned above I have used EFT since 2002.  I kept coming back to EFT and never really using it with my own Homeopathy patients until about 2012 when after some difficult times of my own and knowing how much it helped me it became my go-to.
I have studied various formats of EFT and in 2014 I became an EFT Master Practitioner and a trainer in 2016. I have an extensive background in training and teaching of various therapeutic techniques and have an EFT Practitioner Course which is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. I teach this several times a year both face to face and online. Please do get in touch if you want to know more and find out how it can benefit you