Today I have seen a stressed mum with an autistic pre-teen then in my late afternoon slot a lady with a head injury which has left her very debilitated with brain fog and extreme tiredness.

Whilst working with these three, what has really come to the fore is the importance of sleep – and quality sleep – for stress management and to aid healing for recovery.

One of the questions I will always ask any patient is

“How is your sleep?”
following it up with more questions like

“Do you get off to sleep ok?”
“Do you stay asleep once you are asleep?”
“Does the room need to be completely dark?”
“Do you need to sleep with a light on?”
“Do you waken early”
“Do you waken feeling refreshed?”

Answers to the above help me to back up pertinent remedy choices and choose appropriately.

Adequate good quality sleep is vital as it allows the body that time to rest and repair.

It is often the case that what someone needs is a duvet day and some downtime.

A well-prescribed remedy can make you “sleep and sleep and sleep” as well as wakening up and feeling in a better place in oneself.

And …maybe with significant dreams to report back to your practitioner too but the dream stuff is for another day and another blog.

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