Today I have seen a range of patients with conditions that have been quite varied, the first and last full appointments of the day being in my weight loss niche. This reveals the extent to which Homeopathy is about treating the whole person and not just a specific ailment.

The first appointment of the day being a female mid-40s with adrenal burnout and bladder weakness

followed by an anxious teen waking between 2am and 4am

then female early 30s with some return of old gall bladder symptoms mid-cycle after a poly contraceptive detox

an unexpected fifteen-minute booking in call for tomorrow with a lady who’s never been well since a head injury plus she’s got an autoimmune condition which she can track back to being eighteen and a loss and grief to do with education …I am looking forward to this one

email update from US patient telling me that the totality remedy prescribed in her weight loss consultation had helped her hearing issue as I had hoped it would

email update with  details of a pertinent dream from another US weight loss patient confirming for me that my prescription of Lac Humanum was indeed on track

and to finish off a clear case of Lycopodium. A clever and bright woman lacking confidence “fears failure but goes through with ease” plus her body shape with the rounded rumbly belly and thin arms and legs so classic of the remedy. It took us a while to get there in her 80-minute intake appointment but the aha feeling was palpable as she ticked so many Lycopodium boxes for me

so if anything above resonates with you don’t hesitate to book in for a free fifteen mins and see if I can help