People will ask me “What did you use Fiona?” and I could tell them and sometimes do. But, you know what? It actually is more often than not unhelpful. The blanket approach, one size fits all is where any weight loss regime will fail. We are individuals not washing machines needing a de-scaler. There is not just one weight loss remedy. Homeopathy doesn’t work like that, it doesn’t do things to you it helps you to do things. It helps you to become more resourceful so that you can do things for yourself and make those vital changes.

When someone has a consultation with me it is never about “one size fits all” and telling you how to fit into or squeezing you into that one size. I am looking for the remedy to fit you a bespoke choice, that is tailored to fit you like a special outfit and it’s one fitting on the inside and outside.

The remedy is about helping your whole self to move into a place where change is possible for you. The consultation is about giving you the space to tell your story NOT the story of how you want to be but the story of how you have got to where you are today. With YOUR story in front of me, I can then seek out YOUR remedy.

It is all about YOU and finding the right remedy for YOU and helping YOU with dietary changes that will support YOUR needs … YOUR weight loss remedy, not THE weight loss remedy.

Please do book in and have a free fifteen-minute consultation with me