Standing in front of an open fridge “What can I have?” You aren’t hungry but you want something and don’t really know what. It’s a familiar scenario for many.

What are you really wanting? It isn’t food, you aren’t hungry for food but food will distract you. Are you sad? Is something missing ? is it something you don’t even want to acknowledge to yourself let alone others? “Have you got a hole? a hole that is hard to fill ?”

Homeopathic treatment is truly comprehensive and can help you to understand and get to grips with your issues with food. Those food preferences like “aversion to brussels sprouts” or “desires biscuits” will set me off on the track of a remedy for you.

What really interests me though is the emotions behind the need for food. When did you start the fridge mooching or has it always been there? Did something happen to change your eating habits and take them away from what you feel to be acceptable? What went on prior to your three bars of chocolate a day habit?

it can be something as simple as reading an article or seeing something on TV which triggered an old memory and has “set you off”. Fuelling a human is not akin to fuelling a car we are living breathing feeling sentient beings and food gets used for more than just fuel and not always in the most healthy ways.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like to find out more about how Homeopathy can help please book yourself a fifteen-minute slot with me. I would love to hear from you.