How many times do you stuff yourself with food when you should be telling someone else to “get stuffed” or to bugger off?
Have you been afraid to speak up, tell someone what you thought and literally stuffed that voice down with food?
When ?
What happened?
Who was there?
How did all this make you feel?
Do you fear confrontation and put another layer of protection on your body by overeating?

Are you a sylph in a plus-sized body?
What does that bigger sized body excuse you from that you might do or wear or be in a size or two smaller?
When did that weight creep on?
What happened to make you comfort eat?

I want to know all of the above and more about you, your family’s eating habits and especially those of your mum and others who have raised and nurtured you or had significant input into your life.
With Homeopathic treatment, I can join the dots and find a remedy to match you and your feelings.
In the consultation, there is time for you to tell your story and “unpack that stuffing” no more stuffing it down and biting it back. I want to hear and know and learn so that I can help you

If this calls to you do book in for an initial fifteen minutes with me I’d love to hear from you.