I’m Fiona Dilston, a UK Registered Homeopath of thirteen years experience with a lifelong interest in weight loss and its relationship to health and self worth.

I can help you to lose those excess pounds and stop being a slave to out of balance hormones and emotional eating.

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I have had an issue with my weight since childhood. I have dieted for most of my life and it made me heavier still. A cycle of bingeing and shame ensued. I felt like a failure and desperately wanted to change. Through consultation, EFT tapping and taking homeopathic remedies, for the first time l can remember, I feel in control of my eating. Fiona helped me to believe in myself and take positive action towards healthier eating and thinking habits. Without dieting, I have managed to drop a dress size. I feel so much happier and healthier! Another surprising by-product of taking control over my eating is that I’ve also been able to stop smoking. Therefore I would highly recommend working with Fiona for any food or self-esteem issues you may have Mrs J Lister